Turnersville, NJ
To enroll or get directions,
call Den at (856) 842-1790
Monday, July 11, 2016
7:30 PM Please arrive a few minutes early.
$2  Bring a light non-greasy, non-messy snack. (We
don’t want to foul your camera glass and parts!)
Members Only
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Digital Photography Class
 at a member's home in Turnersville, NJ
​      Note the new time to help with avoiding traffic when driving to Turnersville! This month, members will share their 3rd (and final) attempt at night photography with a photo of their lit homes taken 1 hour after sunset with the camera on a tripod and with specific settings. 
 Email your assignment photos to Den
       For directions, Call Den at 856.842.1790 or send him an email at <DDM444@comcast.net>