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Earlier Photos
January Jaunts in 2001
February Frolicking in 2001
March - April in 2001
May in 2001
June - July in 2001
September - October in 2001
November in 2001
December 2001 & January 2002
February 2002
March/April 2002
September-October 2002
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Coastline Dance Party
Uninhibited Ann
May/June 2002
Ed & Paige
Pat & Hef(?)
Conga Composite
Coral Reef Dance Party
Diane & Cake
Gene & Joan
Hands Up!
Karen & Bob
NY, NY Kick
Pizzi & Angie
Lagoon Dance Party
Dottie & Den
Walt & Roseann
2nd Anniversary Party
Happy Conga-ites
Conga Kitchen?
Glenn & Diane
Dottie & Den
Fearsome Foursome?
Marie & Joan
Guy & Marie
Val with hands full
YMCA Happy
Jessie & Bill
Ventura's Dance Party
Roseann & Walt
Ellie Celebrates
Bob & Karen
Halloween at the Flying W and Villari's
Karen & Bob
Part of the crew
Diane & Glenn
Terii's pom poms
Ellie's ???
July/August 2002
Started May 17, 2003
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