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Splish-Splash: West Virginia white water excursion was a raft of fun for the many Fan 50 members who attended. Can you pick out the four Fan 50 dare-devils in this photo?
"Antique Road Show" - Another favorite event is our version of the "Antiques Road Show" made popular by PBS. In our version, Fan 50 members bring older, possibly valuable, items from their homes and place them on a display table. 

Members then socialize and enjoy tasty appetizers and other refreshments.  
Meanwhile, the expert antique appraiser, Bruce, and business owner, Dennis, from antique shops “Aged To Perfection Antique Warehouse” and “Blended Eras Antiques” examine these potentially hidden treasures.

During the presentation of their findings, Bruce carefully and lovingly raises each item and patiently describes its history. He also describes telltale clues about its authenticity, origin and age. The clue might be a couple of letters on the bottom of an item or the details in the hand of a figurine.

He charmingly intersperses humor during his presentation, ending with his estimate of the item’s value. For lower-valued items, he presents this estimate with compassion and kindness to soften any disenchantment that might be felt by the owner.

​This particular beautiful vase was not merely painted. First an outline was created using a thin metal wire on the surface of the vase. Then the paint was applied within the metal wire outline.

During the presentation, it’s common for the audience, on the edge of their seats with anticipation, to emit soft gasps of surprise and delight, as Bruce reveals his insights.

The kayak adventure at Lake Oswego, near Chatsworth, NJ,  pleased everyone who attended. Here, members Marge and Pat take a moment to enjoy the natural surroundings of their first destination - the shore on the far side of Lake Oswego.
A special treat: Relatively quiet, artistic Carol surprised us all with a perky performance at the karaoke social. Nice work, Carol!
Mystery banjoist (OK Tom Cusack) made an appearance at a recent karaoke night. His costuming and  antics brought the house down with laughter as he play a single note "song" on an actual real banjo!.
Day Before Labor Day picnic social featured lots of activities, socializing and good clean outdoor fun.

Three (of many) of the volunteers who help make the event work posed at the registration table: Harriet, Pete and Mary.
Day before Labor Day picnic social offers lots of activities.

Here Phil D'Amico flings a bolo toward the other , unseen rack while opponent John Pettit awaits his turn.

We have this event catered with plenty of food and drink to satisfy the crowd of about 80 who attend.

The location, Battlefield National Park is a beautiful venue located on the Delaware River.

In our first bird watching outing, Donna peers at a fishing Osprey, one of many New Jersey feathered flyers and perchers as a group of six of us trudged through snow and ice to get our views.

OK, it wasn't really that bad. After all, the temperature was above freezing!
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